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We hope you will find ideas, inspiration and solutions to help you live a more sustainable and joy filled life.  These solutions have been discovered through living an urban/suburban lifestyle and are geared toward those living in more densely populated areas; however, some of the solutions may be applied to your life no matter where you reside.

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The more I strive to have, the less I feel I have. The less I strive to have, the more I feel I have.

- Anonymous

Kitchen Solutions

Bread Bags & Soft Plastic Bags

You can wash, dry and save your used bread and sandwich bags along with your plastic grocery bags to recycle.  

Most grocery stores have a bin out front where you can drop them off for recycling along with other soft plastics such as dry cleaning bags.  

Check with your local store's collection site for items accepted.

Bulk Food Bags & Jars

Consider switching to organic cotton muslin reusable bags for bulk foods and produce to reduce plastic usage.  

For bulk and weighed produce, you may be able to ask the cashier to deduct the weight of the bag from your purchase weight.

If you buy deli cheese and meat, also consider using glass jars instead of the bags provided by the store.

Cast Iron & Natural Cookware

Detox your kitchen by switching to cast iron skillets and natural cookware and utensils such a metals, wood or bamboo. 

If cast iron seems difficult, please know that it just takes practice and getting used to.  In time, you will find it much easier and enjoyable to use.

Here is a good article on selecting and caring for your cast iron:

How to Choose & Care for Cast Iron Pans | The Filson Journal

Cleaning Products

Consider switching to natural alternatives for the common plastic packaged cleaners.  

Baking soda and vinegar are good natural alternatives.  Baking soda can be purchased in biodegradable cartons and you can find vinegar in glass.

Baking Soda Experiments, Recipes & Crafts | ARM & HAMMER (

Also keep in mind that Isopropyl alcohol is a product of the oil & gas industry. Consider a high alcohol grain alcohol instead such as Everclear.  

Here is a really good article from My Health Maven on using Everclear for cleaning and other purposes. (Caution:  Ads)

Cleaning with Everclear - My Health Maven

Cleaning Towels

Invest in good quality, natural fiber cleaning towels and dedicate them to your cleaning activities in lieu of paper towels.

You can also cut up old towels or cotton shirts for this job!

Coffee, Tea & Filters

If you love coffee like I do, this is probably one of the first swaps you will make when seeking a low-waste lifestyle.

Instead of using a plastic coffee maker and disposable filters, look for an alternative such as a coffee sock (in glass jar) for cold brew, a pour over carafe or a good glass French press. 

After switching for a while, I realized I could actually taste plastic in coffee brewed from a plastic maker...yuck!

For tea, buy in bulk and use a metal tea ball.

Coffee Mug

Find a durable, metal, insulated coffee mug for coffee at home and on the go.  

Look for coffee shops that will allow you to bring your own mug or who offer for you to use their reusable mugs.

Love iced and frozen coffees?  Consider a tall mug to accomodate both!


Composting is at the heart of a low-waste lifestyle.  As you begin to limit yourself to food from the fresh produce and dry bulk sections, you will find you create a lot of great composting material to recycle back into Earth.

If you have the space, you can start your own compost or look for a community garden that will take your scraps.  

Some organizations now use high tech, industrial style compost machines.  I personally prefer the old fashioned compost piles but either way, composting will return all those amazing nutrients into a form that can be easily used to grow more food and nourish plants and trees.

My personal favorite is now trench composing.  Learn more here:

Trench Composting For The LAZY Gardener [COMPLETE HOW TO GUIDE] (

Here is a great educational video and guide from Grow Local South Texas to help you get started:

If you don't have a lot of space, here is a cool composter from EcoRich. (Note: I am NOT compensated for listing them.  I personally have one of these and it works great for me!)

Kambha 4 Tiered Large | EcoRich (

Dish Washing Cloths

There are many natural alternatives out on the market right now for products you can use to hand wash dishes and that are sourced from natural and sustainable materials.

My favorite is the cotton washcloth.  I keep a couple stacks of these on hand and use a fresh one with each load.  They are washcloth size and have a texture that allows for a little scrubbing power.

I throw these in with my load of towels each week and they really do not take up that much room in the laundry. 

Food Coverings

Consider switching to an alternative for plastic wrap such as beeswax wrap and silicone covers.

You can also use your hand towels and string to cover items as needed.
Food Storage

Evaluate your food storage needs and start looking for alternatives to the plastic containers and bags.

There are now silicone and aluminum alternatives as well as the old fashioned glass jar.

I personally use several different options and my favorite is the glass jar with a metal lid.

Fruit & Vegetable Stickers

This may seem a little insignificant, yet in trying to account for every piece of waste, the little fruit & vegetable sticker has to have a place.

So, I stick these little guys on my recyclable paper products so they will go into the recycling stream.  

Most are made of edible plant fibers and easily biodegrade so you can also add them to your compost pile with your fruit and vegetable scraps.

Grocery Delivery

If you are having your groceries delivered, you can ask for your shopper to not use plastic!

You usually have an option to add instructions when you order and you may also have the ability to message your shopper while they are shopping.

This is the message I usually send:

"No plastic bags for produce, bulk or checkout please. For bulk and very small produce (like mushrooms), please ask the cashier for small paper wine bags. Larger produce can be left un-bagged. At checkout, please ask for paper too. Thank you!"

So, this is not as good of an option as shopping yourself with your re-usable bags, but it is a better option than using all that plastic.

I re-use the small paper wine bags and large paper bags for the waste I do collect as well as other reuses. You could also use some of this paper in your compost if needed.

Another added benefit to this is you get to introduce the idea of not bagging produce and not using plastic to people who may never have thought of it!

Hand Towels

Invest in good quality, natural fiber hand towels for your kitchen and bath and skip the disposable paper towel. I keep a set of 12 for my kitchen and a set of 2 for my bath.  You may find your needs are different so go with what works for you.

Since I switched, the activity of washing and folding these towels each week has become one of my favorite home care activities.  There is something so satisfying to me to think about how many times I have used them as I fold each one.  I have had my set now for about 3 years and I have also had to mend some of them.  I love that part too!


Invest in good quality, natural fiber, reusable napkins for your kitchen.  You will not only save money but help to sustain Earth at the same time.

I keep a set of 24 on hand for my kitchen but your needs may be different so find what works best for you.  

I love taking care of my napkins and have had my set now for about 3 years.  I have had to mend a few and love sewing them when I need to.  It reminds me of how much use I have gotten from them!

Organic Foods & Goods

Choose organic foods and goods whenever possible.  They usually cost a little more but are well worth it!  

As you begin living a more sustainable life, you will find you have more resources and may be able to afford organic more easily.

Reusable Grocery Bags

Ah, the reusable grocery bag!  One of the first and easiest swaps for people wanting to make live more sustainably.  

There are different kinds of reusable bags out there. I prefer the canvas variety because they are very sturdy and will stand up to repeated washing.  Look for good quality bags and they will last!

Simple Plant Based Diet

Transforming your diet from the common meat and dairy diet to a plant based diet can take time and effort but is well worth it.

Don't rush into it and do your research to find what works for you.  Start small and build.

It took me a good year to go completely plant-based and every month I would get cravings for meat as I learned how to eat and get the nutrition I needed from plants.  Be patient with yourself as you go.

Remember that you will need a B12 vitamin supplement too once you go completely plant-based or you can add a couple eggs to your diet to help you with the B12.  You can also get B12 from fortified nutritional yeast.

Work towards buying most of your food from the fresh produce and dry bulk sections and avoid cold and frozen foods. It takes a lot of energy to store and transport our cold foods!


Skip the plastic straw or opt for a reusable metal or bamboo straw that you can carry with you.

Water Bottle

Skip the plastic disposable water bottles and opt for a reusable bottle that you can easily carry with you.  Some people like to re-use glass bottles and there are also good insulated versions that will keep your water cold.

Invest in water filtration for your home or look for water companies that use glass bottles for refill.  If you use a filter, look for ones that are recyclable.

If the water is good in your area, you may not need a filter at all.

Personal Care Solutions

Air, Toilet & Body Freshener

You can use a mix of your favorite essential oils and water in a small glass spray bottle to use for multiple purposes.  Mix 10-15 drops of oil in a 2oz bottle of water.

This solution works great for air freshener as well as toilet water.  Use a couple sprays in the toilet before going poo and it will help cutdown on odor.

You can also use a mix like this in place of perfume when needed although I would recommend having a dedicated "scent" for the toilet.

Band Aids

You can now find eco friendly band aids on the market to replace the traditional plastic strips.

Also, consider dedicating reusable cotton cloth and gauze with string or strips of fabric to use in place of disposables.  Just be sure to boil and keep the bandages sanitized between uses.

Bar Soaps

Unpackaged bar soap is a sustainable choice.  Look for natural ingredients too.

I use a good quality body bar soap and cut strips off of it to use as hand soap next to my sink.  

Bathroom Hand Towels

Keep to a few good, natural fiber hand towels for your bathroom.

For guests, you can keep a small set of natural fiber wash cloths in a basket for drying their hands.  Provide a small bin for dirty towels.

Wash and sanitize weekly with your dish cloths.

Reminder:  Synthetic fabrics put micro-plastic fibers into the environment.

Bath Body Towels

Keep to a just few good, natural fiber body towels for your bathroom.

Switch out every few days depending on level of soil. Wash and sanitize weekly with your dish cloths and hand towels.

Reminder:  Synthetic fabrics put micro-plastic fibers into the environment.


Look for a natural deodorant in a glass jar with metal lid or another biodegradable packaging.  

Remember, what you put on your skin, you put in your body so keep only to natural, non-toxic ingredients.

We have found good success with, "Elevated PITS Earl G!" deodorant.  We add just a small sprinkle of baking soda to each application for more odor control.

Bite also has a zero waste deodorant.  Bite - Because It's The Earth (


Switch to natural fiber, reusable cloth diapers.  

Click here for a good article on how to use them.

Ear Cloths

Instead of using disposable q-tips, opt for small natural fiber cotton squares to clean your ears after your shower.  

Ear Plugs

Need to keep the noise out?  Consider good quality, reusable ear plugs instead of the disposable variety.


If you are not already in a routine of daily exercise, start slow even if it means just one or two 30 minute walks each day.  

Consider skipping the gym on good weather days and get out into nature instead.  Also, look for outdoor classes in your community to give you more opportunities to exercise outdoors.

Family Cloth & Bath Tissue

Family Cloth is an alternative to toilet tissue.  You can use it just for #1 to help cut back or for all toilet tissue needs.

If you use it with #2, I recommend a bidet to rinse first.  You can get small hand held bottle bidets or formal installed units.

You can look on etsy for already made family cloth kits or you can make your own.

Simply cut (with pinking shears to cut down on fray) organic, flannel into 4x4 squares.  If you like to sew, you can also sew a bag for holding used cloths in-between washes.  

The cloths will fray a bit at first but don't be alarmed.  After several washes, the fraying will calm down.

I usually put a couple drops of essential oil on the rim of my drawstring bag for odor control.

If you continue to use bath tissue, look for tree free tissue that is more sustainable.


Switch out your floss for a natural alternative that is packaged in glass or a biodegradable material.

Bite has a floss packaged in glass.  Bite - Because It's The Earth (

Hair Color

Consider letting go of the hair color all together.  Putting those chemicals on your scalp and breathing the fumes is not good for you and is not good for the environment.

Just the Basics

Work on getting your personal care items down to just the basics:

  • Shampoo/Conditioner bars
  • Body & Hand Soap bar
  • Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Tooth power or bits in glass packaging
  • Natural floss
  • Natural all over lotion
  • Natural deodorant
  • Nail Clippers
  • Tweezers
  • Metal Nail File
  • Wood Hair Brush
  • Natural Fiber hair holders
  • Metal hair clips
  • Essential oil/water perfume spray
  • Reusable Sanitary Protection
  • Natural Lip Balm
  • Natural Sun Protection
  • Natural Bug Spray
Lint Brush

Opt for a good quality, reusable lint brush instead of the disposable tape variety.


Consider letting go of the make-up all together and just keep a good natural lip balm on hand.

If you are used to wearing makeup and choose to do this, be very patient with yourself.  It takes time to get used to going out in public without makeup.  In time, you will not even give it a second thought and, in fact, wearing any sort of makeup will feel completely un-natural and fake.

Mental & Emotional Health

There is a lot of negativity around seeking mental & emotional health resources so try to start seeing this as the same as going to your doctor for physical ailments.  You wouldn't judge your self for your annual wellness check!

Seek wellness for yourself in this area in whatever means works for you.  Keep it at the top of your priority list and know that it is an ongoing practice just like taking care of your physical health.


Consider skipping the razor all together and give your body a rest from this activity.

If you choose to shave, invest in a good reusable razor where you only have to replace a metal blade.

If you choose to skip it, be very patient with yourself.  It takes time for some people to get used to and you may feel the need to cover up at first.

In time, you will feel completely natural with your body hair and any embarrassment or shame will dissipate.

Sanitary Products
Switch to reusable sanitary products such as washable liners/pads and washable cups.
Shower Curtain

Skip that toxic plastic shower curtain liner and opt for a good natural fiber curtain that repels water.  Canvas and cotton are good options. You can even coat the bottom of your curtain with a wax coating to help repel water.

Simple Wardrobe

Evaluate your clothing needs and start simplifying and detoxing your wardrobe.

Let go of synthetic fabrics and switch to natural fiber (organic if possible) clothing.

Synthetic fabrics put plastic and toxic micro fibers into the environment.

Consider a local seamstress.  Invest in a good quality basic wardrobe and keep an organic cotton mend kit on hand for repairs.

Once you find the level of comfort for you, be sure to keep it to a minimum and let go of something if you need to bring in a new item.


Skip the disposable tissues and invest in a set of good handkerchiefs.  Keep a small natural fiber bag handy for storing in-between washes and just wash in hot soapy water or boil to sanitize.  You can also use small cotton fabric swatches instead of formal handkerchiefs.

Toothbrush & Tooth Powder

Switch out your plastic brush for a natural bamboo brush.  Also, swap out your plastic tube of paste for a glass jar filled with tooth powder or bits.

Home Solutions

5 R's of Low Waste Living

Remember the 5 R's of Low Waste Living:

  1. Reduce
  2. Repair
  3. Reuse
  4. Repurpose
  5. Recycle

Employ the R's in the order above.  Running the recycling stream takes a lot of energy and is not sustainable as most plastic is not actually recycled. 

First reduce your consumption, then repair and reuse if able, then look to repurpose and recycle last.

Air Purifiers

Consider plants to clean the air in your home instead of an electronic air purifying machine.

Check out NASA's clean air study on plants.

If you do decide to go with an electronic air purifier, consider one that has a washable and reusable filter.


Invest in a rechargeable battery set to reduce waste.

Budgeting, Debt & Relief

If you don't already budget, this can be an important first step on your way to living sustainably.  

Living within your means or under your means can alleviate a lot of stress and provide more joy in your life. If you haven't already, create a savings account as we all experience "rainy days".

Once you start living within your means, consider a second savings account to help those in need within your local community.

I have found good success with the Good Budget application for budgeting.  It uses the envelope method of budgeting. (not compensated for listing them here...just works for me)

Also, if you have any debt accumulated, begin planning now to pay it off as soon as you can and commit to not creating more debt.

Start with your smallest debt and pay it off completely.  Then, move those funds to paying off the next smallest debt and continue until all debt is eliminated.

Broom & Pan

If you have the average plastic broom and pan, consider alternatives with minimal or no plastic.

Look for natural fiber brooms and metal pans.

CFL & LED Bulbs

Make the switch to CFL or LED light bulbs to conserve engergy and save money!

Clean Out & Donate

Take it room by room and begin to declutter and clean out.  Get it down to a minimum and get organized.

Consider donating to a local domestic violence shelter or others in need.

Once you clean out, commit to not collecting more stuff and seriously evaluate every purchase for need vs. want and impulse buying.

Cleaning Towels

Either invest in good quality, natural fiber towels to dedicate to cleaning or use old natural fiber clothing to cut into rags.

Keep these dedicated to cleaning jobs and store separately from your other reusable towels.

You can also cut up old towels or cotton shirts for this job!

Conserve Energy & Use Renewables

Take inventory of your home energy use and where you can make improvements.


  • Turning off lights
  • Turning down the hot water heater
  • Using less hot water in the shower.
  • Take a shower instead of a bath.
  • Improving your insulation especially windows and doors.
  • Using CFL & LED bulbs
  • Switching to renewable sources either by installing your own renewable sources or picking a company that invests in renewable energy.
Dryer Balls

Consider using wool dryer balls in place of disposable dryer sheets to reduce waste.

Glass, Metal & Natural Materials

If you don't already, start paying attention to the materials that compose every item you interact with. 

Start looking to replace plastic items and when you are looking for something new, look for natural materials such as glass, metal, bamboo and other sustainable materials.  

Also, seek good, quality workmanship to ensure a longer life of your item.

Mend Group

Consider starting a mend group with your family, friends or community.  Get together with your loved ones and mend all those natural fabrics you love in a group setting!  Make it a time for connection, sharing, support, education and mending.

This is also helpful for people who may not have a mend kit yet or who do not know how to sew a basic repair.  

Mend Kit & Repairs

Build a simple, organic thread mend kit to repair fabrics instead of throwing them away when they tear.  See how long you can keep something in use!

For broken items that you cannot mend yourself, look for help within your community to avoid discarding items that can still be used or re-purposed.

Mop & Bucket

If you have a standard plastic mop and bucket, consider replacing them with metal and wood options.  

Behrens has a good bucket with ringer attached that we like to use.

We have also found success with a commercial type mop with a wood handle and metal head.  We use cotton rags that can be attached to the head and then we wash and disinfect after each use.  

We start with clean mop fabric each time we mop.

Natural Fibers

Always choose natural fiber fabrics.  Synthetics put harmful micro plastics into the environment.

Plant & Mineral Based Goods

Look for goods that are made from plants and minerals.  Avoid the leather which is a by-product of the meat industry which is, for the most part, cruel and inhumane. 

Push Mower

Consider switching to a push mower instead of a gas powered one.  Save fuel, emissions and get a good dose of exercise all at the same time.

Also, think about the environment and the ecology living in your yard.  Think about the harsh energy that the gas powered mower sends through all the living creatures.  The push mower is a much more gentle option.

Another option is to replace your yard with no-mow grass or start a vegetable garden in its place.

Rain Water Harvesting

Whether you go small or big, rain water harvesting can provide you fresh water for watering your plants and garden and can be filtered for other uses.  It can also be a great backup if needed to your local water supply during times of emergency.

Click here to read Wikipedia's extensive article on this topic.


Remember recycling is the last "R" in sustainable living practices as it takes a lot of energy to run the recycling stream and most plastic does not get recycled.

For what you do need to recycle, be sure to do it right.  Check with your local recycler to make sure you only include items that are accepted and that all items are clean and dry.

Reduce Electronics

Start to notice how much time you spend interacting with electronic devices.  At first, just observe.  

Then, pick an area to work on and make a conscious effort to reduce your usage.  

Swap that time out for something else like spending time with family and friends, exercise, cooking, basic goods crafting, walking in nature or taking care of your new reusables and your home.

Refillable Pens & Pencils

Instead of disposable, plastic writing instruments, look for reusable, non-plastic and Earth friendly replacements. 


Ok, so when you get your waste down to the bare minimum, consider sending off the rest to TerraCycle.

Toilet Tank

If you don't already have a low flow toilet, you can take an old glass bottle or jar and fill it with water to drop inside the toilet tank.  It will reduce the water used with each flush.

Water Conservation

There are many ways to conserve water and you can find the ways that work best for you.  

Watch for when you pour water down the drain and start looking for ways to use that water in other areas instead.

Other Ideas:

  • Water bottle in toilet tank
  • Showers instead of baths
  • Shorten shower time by skipping shaving and not washing hair daily if not needed.
  • Skip a shower now and then
  • Harvest rain water
  • Keep the flow of water at a lower setting when on turn on the faucet in stead of letting it run full blast. 
  • Use discarded water from cooking vegis in your garden.
  • Only run the dishwasher full. Hand wash in a container for small loads.
  • Plant local, native plants that do not require excess watering.

Other Life Solutions

Basic Need Vocation/Skills

Consider developing a skill, vocation or trade that allows you to provide for your community's basic needs and also fulfills your need to be creative, productive and helpful.

Think about what raw materials you can source locally (or as local as possible) and how you can turn those materials into something practical that most people need. This might include gardening to provide yourself with some of the materials needed or you might look for local gardens as a source of material.

You might also consider developing yourself to provide much needed personal support within your community.

Bus, Bike, Walk & Carpool

Evaluate your transportation needs and available resources within your community and begin reducing or eliminating your consumption of gasoline.

Consider biking, walking, public transportation and even car pooling.

If you are looking to purchase a vehicle, consider an electric vehicle to eliminate harmful emmissions. 

Credit Unions

Look within your community for a non-profit Credit Union instead of using the traditional for-profit bank.

Be careful with the idea of all money exchange being electronic.  This is a way for banks and big money to more easily control our economy.

Consider continuing to use cash and coins at least part of the time.


Continually evaluate your current needs and downsize when able. 

Evaluate everything from your home to your car to your wardrobe to every group of items you interact with and cut back as much as possible.

False Information & Distraction

Begin to question what information and entertainment you allow into your environment and home including the internet, music, print media, television and movies.

A lot of entertainment is designed to be a distraction to keep us from paying attention to what is going on in our life and community.  It is also littered with advertising that is not always in our best interest to be exposed to.

Also, try not to avoid sensational, violent and negative programming and news stories.

Fasting & Hydration

Be sure to check with your doctor before beginning any kind of fasting program.  

If appropriate for you, fasting or partial fasting may help you to detox and cleanse as well as give your digestive system some much needed rest.

Be sure to stay hydrated all the time especially while fasting.  

6 Popular Ways to Do Intermittent Fasting (


Consider starting a food garden even if it is as simple as growing herbs in pots.  

Just the act of caring for plants can be very therapeutic and stress relieving.  

Growing food that you can eat is also a great way to increase your awareness and gratefulness for the plants that keep us alive.

Small Space Garden Ideas - Table Top Edible Bowl. - Alice in Scandiland

Help for the Homeless & Poor

When you live more sustainably, you may find you are able to live well below your means.  

If you have extra, instead of giving it away "to the top" in the form of consumption that puts more money in the hands of the rich and greedy, consider using it wisely to send it "downward"  or "over" to help the poor and oppressed.

Just be careful and responsible in how you help.  Consider helping organizations who are truly helping.  Do your research. There are many "helping" organizations out there that are taking advantage of the poor, oppressed and desperate.

When looking for a helping organization, also consider the role they play in our current system. The main goal of many of our community organizations is to prepare people to enter into slave wage work enticed by unnecessary consumption instead of helping people reconnect with our natural position in this world and live responsible, free lives.

Due to the wrongdoing that had occurred on both/all sides, many people feel oppressed by our system.  Many want and need help but feel like they are not being helped the way they need and are only being helped to benefit their oppressor.  

Look for groups that empower and educate people to live right including not giving away their time and talents for the sake of greed and wrongdoing.


I know traditions we grow up with are deeply rooted in our psyche and not always easy to change.  See what you can do to re-evaluate each holiday and if it does not hold value and meaning to you, let it go.  Study and read about the history of our holidays and how they developed. 

If you decide to hold on to any of the traditions and holidays, be super selective about HOW you celebrate them and how much you spend.  

Know that many companies take advantage of us during the holidays to increase their profit and our spending is a huge source of unnecessary and often harmful consumption of Earth.

If you are interested in gifting during the holidays, either check out alternative gift sites that allow you to gift in ways that are more responsible and caring of people and planet; or consider giving the gift of your time and shared experiences.

Paper Pots

When seeding indoors, you can make paper pots by recycling paper.  Watch a video on how to make and use the pots:


Humans are not designed to run non-stop 20 hours a day and endure the typical stress and pressure of a modern life that seeks constant growth and advancement at any cost.

We have been duped into believing that everything we want should be disposable so we can work more to buy more stuff.  It's a huge scam that started decades ago by industry and companies looking to get rich.  It has put us in a position of overextending ourselves to support the rich and greedy.

Consider taking a break more often and do nothing!  Rest, re-charge, do something fun and find simple activities that you enjoy. 

Sharing Groups

Here are two types of sharing groups anyone can start within their community:

I.  You and your sharing group share big ticket items instead of everyone having duplicate items.  For example, someone may have a piece of lawn equipment and you are in need of the same thing.  Instead of you going out and buying one, you borrow from your group.  Your group then borrows things they need from you.  This works well with large ticket items.

II. You can start a sharing group within your community where goods and services are exchanged without money and without direct trade.

You have something to give to the group and you give it.  You have a need and someone within the group gives to you.  

Single Use Plastics

Decide to reduce or eliminate your use of single use plastics.  To start, just begin to take notice of the single use plastics you interact with on a daily basis.  Pick one and look for an alternative solutions that doesn't involve plastic.  Once you get that one down, move on to the next.


You might of heard about the staycation.  This is where, instead of traveling a long distance for a vacation; you basically stay near home and "get a way" close by.

Look for parks, camping and other fun recreational activities nearby.

You can discover new adventures, save money and conserve energy all at the same time!

To Go

You can keep a set of utensils and a reusable straw along with a couple napkins in your care or purse for use on the go.

You might also consider keeping a reusable food container or two in your car for to go food to skip the styrofoam and plastic packaging.


Find a group in your community (or start your own!) where you can volunteer your time, meet like minded people and do something purely for the enjoyment of doing it. Win, win!

Wrapping Paper

Simplify your wrapping and buy a large roll of brown craft paper and a roll of hemp cord.  Use the paper to wrap gifts and embellish with flowers, shells or other small items.

Check out our Low-Waste Inventories & Planners to Get Organized
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