Sample Sustainable Living Goals

Sustainable Life Goals


  • Learn to Conserve Energy & Use Renewables

  • Switch to Quality Reusable Goods

  • Learn to Recycle

  • Detox Your Kitchen

  • Create a Low-Waste Lifestyle

  • Create a Plant-Based Lifestyle

  • Remove or Replace Plastic Based Goods

  • Find Your Authentic Vocation

  • Develop a Basic Needs Trade/Skill/Vocation

  • Clean Out, Declutter & Donate

  • Identify & Remove False Information and Programming From Your Environment

  • Identify & Remove Unholy & Unclean Objects & Idols From Your Home.
  • Create a Sharing Group within Your Community

  • Improve Your Recreational Life

  • Eliminate Debt & Save

  • Improve Your Home Stewardship

  • Improve Your Mental, Emotional & Physical Health

  • Identify & Develop a Plan to Free Yourself from Harmful Addictions

  • Improve Your Life Balance

  • Evaluate & Improve Your Transportation Means

  • Reduce the Use of Electronics & Unplug

  • Source Your Goods & Services More Responsibly

  • Simplify Your Life & Redirect Excess Down or Over to Those in Need

  • Volunteer in Your Community

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