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A Life Not Lived For Others Is Not A Life.

- Mother Theresa

What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is defined by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as, "Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their potential."

Coaching includes support for assessments, goal setting, action planning, implementation follow-up, gentle accountability and recognition of success.  General Life Coaching services can help you in almost any area of your life.  We can provide life coaching for any area, and we also specialize in two specific areas.  First, Sustainable Life Coaching is designed to help you improve your daily choices and activities to better care for yourself, your loved ones and Earth.  Second, we offer spiritual and faith coaching services for those desiring to improve their relationship with God, Earth and themselves.  During the coaching relationship, we will work together to help you reach your goals.  We will celebrate each success and keep you on track even if things get tough.

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What to Expect - Components of Life Coaching

Initial Phone Consultation

The initial consultation will give you an opportunity to learn more about coaching and ask questions.  We will also learn more about each other to determine if coaching is right for you and if so; if we are a good fit to work together.  We will discuss whether you are interested in individual or group/family coaching or both.  

There are no fees associated with the initial consultation and it usually lasts about 50 minutes.
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Coaching Agreement

The coaching agreement will outline the details of the coaching relationship and it will include a list of both of our responsibilities to that relationship.  It will cover the frequency of our coaching sessions as well as any agreed upon fees.  You will have an opportunity to review the agreement and we can make any needed adjustments before it is finalized.  

We may also amend the agreement with mutually agreed upon changes at any time during the coaching relationship.  The coaching agreement may also be cancelled at any time by either of us if needed.

Assessments & Planners

Coaching services include life assessments and access to our custom Trello planners.  Assessments and planners are available to everyone and can be accessed here.

Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are the heart of our work together.  Sessions will last 50 minutes and may occur weekly or bi-weekly depending on your plan. Coaching sessions may take place in person, over the phone or through a Zoom video meeting.  You get to decide what works best for you and you may choose any one or a combination of session formats.  The coaching ethics set forth by the ICF will be followed during our work together.  Learn more about ICF's coaching ethics.  

During a typical session, we will review your progress since the last session, celebrate your success, work together on any needed adjustments to your overall goals and help you clarify your next action steps.  You will leave the session with a few agreed upon action steps which will be your focus of action until the next session.

As your coach, I will always be available to you by text and email in between our sessions if you need assistance. The coaching relationship may last any length of time depending on your needs and may be stopped at any time by either of us as appropriate.

Coaching Fees

Coaching fees are outlined below for weekly and bi-weekly sessions.  Fees may be reduced, either temporarily or ongoing, based on your financial situation and need.  Fees will be discussed at the initial consultation and will be included in your coaching agreement. Fees are due prior to the start of the first session each month.

Coaching may also be offered in trade as well as in a "pay it forward" model.  If you have a service or something to offer other than money and it is not something I need, I would ask that you give it to someone else in need in lieu of your coaching fees.

If you are local in the Coastal Bend and would prefer not to exchange money, I have a list of items needed and I would welcome receiving any of them in return for my services.  

Standard Fees:

Bi-Weekly Coaching = $95.00/month 
Weekly Coaching = $170.00/month

(Personal Group/Family Coaching = $15/$25 added per additional person)

Bi-Weekly Coaching - Payment Links for Monthly Fees

Individual Bi-Weekly Coaching/Month



2 Person - Bi-Weekly Coaching/Month



3 Person - Bi-Weekly Coaching/Month



4 Person - Bi-Weekly Coaching/Month



Weekly Coaching - Payment Links for Monthly Fees

Individual Weekly Coaching/Month



2 Person - Weekly Coaching/Month



3 Person - Weekly Coaching/Month



4 Person - Weekly Coaching/Month



Current List of Needs:

  • Fresh Organic Fruits & Vegetables
  • Dry Organic Goods (Rice, Beans, Lentils, Quinoa, Chickpeas, Flour, Salt & Spices)
  • Natural Hemp Cord (1mm)
  • Organic Nuts & Seeds
  • Natural Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner Bars
  • Natural, solid, organic, cotton flannel fabric
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